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Audemars Piguet 25960OR.OO.1185OR.02 Replica Watch Royal Oak 25960 Chronograph Pink Gold


Greubel Forsey replica swiss watches, co-founder of Greubel Forsey When genius and madness merged into watchmaking, Greubel Forsey was where it should be. Although some people will be satisfied once they understand the basic principles of mechanical three-hand watches, even the most complicated complications can no longer really challenge Robert Graubel and Stephen Fauci. Their company logo says: "The Art of Invention", and the name says it all. With 29 internal movements and 7 other breakthrough innovations, the two have pushed the traditional watchmaking apprenticeship to new heights. From a mechanical movement that runs continuously for 180 days to testing whether the air in a watch may be the key to a seemingly impossible perpetual motion machine, terms such as Mechanical Nano herald a new experimental era. However, on the other hand, the two watchmaking geniuses are committed to preserving the purest form of watchmaking, promoting traditional craftsmanship, and (almost) completely handmade watches. While having lunch with Stephen Forsey on their farm and La Chaux-de-Fonds' studio, we met a down-to-earth, very humorous and side-thinking person. It is not always easy to follow him, but it is probably due to his genius and madness also reflected in his creation.

1. What does a mechanical watch mean to you, which watch do you wear today, and what do you wear the most?

On the one hand, time is the worst enemy of watchmakers. Because we have been trying to catch things that are always running away all our lives. In trying to catch up with it, we have many ideas, but it takes time to create a new movement and ultimately power the watch, so we always keep running. This is beyond our control. What we can control is how accurately we capture time in mechanical High Quality Replica watches.

On the other hand, it is always nice to look at a beautifully crafted watch-it is not necessarily something we created. However, if you look at the technical aspects, surface treatments, how people make them and how they were done in the past, I am very satisfied with mechanical watches.

Today, I am wearing a prototype of Quantième Perpetuelà Équation. The movement is actually not completely decorated because it will enter our laboratory first. This requires a thousand years of calendar correction. We have developed 29 movements for you to choose from. I don't have a favorite work, but I want to test the long-term performance of a specific calendar. However, I have a special relationship with our first Double Tourbillon 30°. It is indeed an important watch, because it is our first milestone.

2. You and your partner Robert Greubel established the brand Greubel Forsey in 2004. How do you assign roles? Who is in charge of which area of ​​the company? replica MBF Watches

Robert and I met on the road to Le Locle in the early 1990s and worked in Switzerland. We are all watchmakers and we are all basic professions. I am more technical, and since I am a native English speaker, I will do more brand representation. Robert is responsible for the creative design, strategy and management of the business.

3. How would you describe you and Robert Greubel? Are you a watchmaker? Architect or designer? Engineers or even inventors?

Well, we are definitely watchmakers. That is the profession we study and our only profession. But Greubel Forsey has also become an incredible invention adventure. However, you can have a great invention, but when it doesn't seem so interesting, it becomes difficult. You also need an aesthetic balance. For us, instead of creating a movement and then designing around that movement, it is the true meaning of the entire Urwerk watches

4. You have developed 29 different movements, most of which use new methods, such as 24-second tourbillon, 30° double tourbillon or quadruple tourbillon. How do you stay innovative in the increasingly industrialized and automated world we live in?

We had an interesting discussion with a physicist, and once said during an interview with us that trying to make a mechanical watch more accurate is a waste of time. In his opinion, quartz watches are much more useful. But our 30° double tourbillon managed to keep the average performance between 0.3 and 0.8 seconds. This is ten times better than COSC (+4 and -6), which is a good performance. Although today, 45 years later, we can still achieve the accuracy of electronic watches in the 1970s.

You know that before Einstein and his theory of relativity and before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), we could only reach the speed of light theoretically. We cannot accelerate particles to the speed of light. At the same time, we proved that we can do Corum Watches

If you refuse to be open to the possibility of new inventions, you will hinder your creativity. This is our mentality. So, back to your question, we have enough work to do in the next ten years or even longer.

5. Interestingly, the watchmaking industry is mainly related to Switzerland or the French part of Switzerland. However, you always get inspiration from British watchmakers. What did they do differently or better?

Well, I was born in England and I grew up there. Before I came to Switzerland, I restored vintage watches and did after-sales service in London for five years. Robert was born in Alsace, near the border between France and Germany. He learned a lot of knowledge and inspiration from French watchmaking, and some from Germany. When we first proposed the concept of Double Tourbillon 30°, we asked ourselves what it should be. We think that, just as we come from outside of Switzerland, maybe we can make a different building and use some veneers that are no longer in use. Côtes de Genève (Côtes de Genève) is an excellent finish, we use wooden plates to manually finish on Signature 1. Therefore, the finish has different elements, and I think we mixed different inspirations from France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

6. You once said "a cup of coffee only costs four euros, which is expensive, just because the brand logo is printed on it". Your watch should cost at least six digits. What do you think of this statement? replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches

Our perpetual calendar has allowed us to experience eight years of development. Most people do not know how much it will cost to develop a new movement. A very simple movement will cost you about 1.5 million Swiss francs. The more complicated one will cost you four to six million Swiss francs. And the more complex it is, the longer the development time.

7. For several years, you have been experimenting in the field of "mechanical nano". Can you explain this project in more detail and what progress have you made so far?

The history of Mechanical Nano can be traced back to 2006, when we were already experimenting with the fourth invention, which was to create a very unique balance wheel system. The idea was to find a material that has the same properties as the balance wheel in terms of springs. Because in traditional sports, you always have two different types of materials, so you try to use different physical properties of materials to collaborate. Expansion, elasticity and hot and cold are always difficult. It’s like making mayonnaise – it’s not always easy because you have to mix eggs and oil. For these things, if you do it wrong, it won't work.

The balance wheel system is an interesting topic. In the early attempts, we tried to manufacture synthetic diamond oscillators. The diamond vibrator is part of our EWT (Experimental Watch Technology). As we obtained multiple patents such as frictionless bearings from there, we realized that we have combined some very interesting elements, and we may be able to do some mechanical Sports are very different. We realized that two basic principles need to be overcome: space and energy and how to use it. The energy in mechanical motion is very small, and the idea is to make the energy last as long as possible. We realized that by rethinking its basic principles, we can consume the energy of three days of exercise and multiply the running time by 60 times. We managed to demonstrate through a prototype.replica luxury watches

But to reach the 180-day power reserve movement, we need to establish and combine many milestones. One of the important elements is to look at the Foudroyante system, so the number of seconds is converted to the number of beats of the movement. In traditional sports, a separate gear train is required, so a separate energy source is required. By applying the principles used with Mechanical Nano, we can simplify it. The space it needs is reduced by about 80%. Compared with the traditional, the energy we use here is infinitely small. The released energy is used in different ways and developed along the way.

This is our first sports watch. We do not want to be restrained in any form. We have experienced that collectors wear watches in their daily use. Our watches are extremely shock resistant, but are limited to water resistance etc. With the help of GMT, we made a lightweight titanium case with black ADLC, which provides good protection. We have collectors who ask them for rubber immediately. Therefore, we think it might be interesting to study this aspect of a more sport-oriented approach. But it needs to have its own style by creating a unique new architecture. The case back, bezel and crystal are all curved in this crazy shape.

When we started with Greubel Forsey, the Swiss watch industry was still in this terrible crisis. More technological development has been promoted through more industrialization. In the watch school, all these new things need to be learned. Therefore, the time to cover all basic information is limited, which means that training must also be completed faster. Therefore, they eliminated things that the industry really didn't need. Moreover, 99% of the people in this industry don’t need watchmakers, they don’t know how to bevel bridges or how to replace pinions. But the important thing is that we must keep these skills alive. Today, we are using a lot of technology to make these outstanding timepieces. But in 30 or 50 years, who will restore them? We need to keep the core of the watchmakers who understand and practice these stills.Discount replica watches